Blue Heart’s approach to engagement and communications

Blue Heart Engagement and Communications are led by Agile Rabbit, a public engagement charity. This work is funded directly from the project budget.

Community and Collaboration

Engagement and Communications provide bridges between the project, stakeholders and the people who live and work in the catchment area.

Blue Heart engagement and comms will support dialogue and relationship-building with communities throughout the catchment area, whether focussed geographically, economically, culturally or through particular concerns such as ecology or access to blue spaces.

Using the ABCD Assets-Based Community Development approach, comms and engagement activities will seek to identify and rally the resources and capacity of communities to reach shared goals which are important to them. 

Inclusivity and Equity

Blue Heart recognises the imbalances of power, agency and resources in our society. Our budget, time and resources will be assigned according to need rather than shared equally between groups.

Openness and Transparency



Interest in sustainability and ‘eco-friendly’ behaviours is growing, especially amongst young people. Blue Heart needs to lead by example to maintain its integrity and public support.

Purchases should be minimised, re-usable, recycled/recyclable and responsibly sourced.