SuDS for Schools

Year 5 pupils at Pevensey and Westham School taking part in outdoor learning activities delivered by our project partner, Our Rainwater.

Why do schools need SuDS?

The Blue Heart team are installing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in schools in the Eastbourne and Southern Wealden areas. SuDS mimic natural processes by treating, storing, and reusing surface water like the natural environment would have done before human intervention such as building shops, roads, and housing.

By copying natural process such as infiltration (soak into the ground), slowing the flow of water by adding plants and rocks/soil/material to increase roughness, and increasing biodiversity through planting and providing habitat, SuDS help to reduce flood risk, improve water quality, and lower water, carbon, and energy usage.

Schools are great locations for SuDS, where playing fields, playgrounds and roofs can be used to capture rainwater. This water is stored for future use or held back until after the rain stops which is good for reducing flooding and helping not to overwhelm drainage pipes.

We’re working with seven schools this academic year (2023-24).

School Project Stages

SuDS for Schools consists of the following 4 key stages, click below to learn more:

Learning Resources

Do you have SuDS and can’t quite remember how to look after them? Want to know more about our monitoring devices? Are you or your school are interested in learning more about water management and sustainability? Check out our learning resources here!

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