Community Fund grant-holder information

Congratulations on your successful application!

On this page you’ll find information and resources to help you deliver your project or activity.

You’ll find some background information about the Blue Heart Community Fund here.

If you need any help or advice, please contact Eleanor:

Four community members sitting around a table, sharing the thought, 'What's next?'

First things first, have you:

  1. Signed and submitted your Grant Agreement document? If not, check your Inbox as it was attached to the email we sent to tell you that your application was successful.
  2. Provided your logo and information for our press release? If not, please submit them here.
  3. Provided your bank details so we can transfer over your grant money? If not, please submit them via our secure form.

If you received a small grant (up to £500) we can arrange a payment card preloaded with your grant money so you don’t need to have an organisational bank account.

Next steps

Make a detailed plan – what, when, who and how? You can use any format you like, but please make it something that you can talk through and share with us. Make sure you’ve taken into account all the grant conditions.

We’ll be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for an initial chat with us about your plan, any help you might need, and how you can evaluate your work.

Contact with Blue Heart

We’ll arrange three meetings with you over the course of your activity/project (where appropriate), but please contact us at any point if you’d like some help.

 FocusThings to think about before we meet
Initial conversationScheduling
Record-keeping/sharing Evaluation
What are you hoping to achieve with your activity or project?
How can we demonstrate ‘success’?
And how can we gather that evidence?
What might you need support with?
Mid-project conversationCheck-inWhat’s going well?
What’s been difficult?
Can Blue Heart help?
Reflective conversationLearning
What you’ve learnt, would do again, or might do differently next time?
What impact has your activity / project had?
On whom / what?
How could Blue Heart do better next time?

Downloadable document templates

Some templates to download and use, if you don’t already have something similar.

Photograph and recording permission form (printable)
To be filled in by individuals featuring in photographs or recordings you collect in the process of delivering your activity/project. Please retain completed forms for the life of your project/activity and then submit to Blue Heart with your other documentation.
Download pdf [110.66 KB]

Photograph / recording event signage templates (printable)
For use at public events and large gatherings where it won’t be possible to collect individual permissions. You can adjust the wording, add a logo etc to suit your needs.
Download Word document [22.43 KB]

Expenditure record sheet template
Please have a record of expenditure and all receipts/invoices ready to submit to us at the end of your project.
Download Excel file [10.27 KB]

Attendance/participation record sheet template
If you already have a system for recording all this information, you can just share the data instead.
Download Excel file [9.09 KB]