Illustration of a bridge fitted with a water level sensor, which hangs off the bridge and over a river. In the foreground, a family walk their dog. The dad has a child on his shoulders.

Watching the water

If you see people in hi-vis jackets in nearby waterways or leaning over bridges, it could be the team fitting water level monitoring devices for Blue Heart.

We’re installing 50 new sensors at key locations so we can monitor water levels and develop a better understanding of how water moves through Eastbourne and southern Wealden. We’ve identified locations that are prone to flooding, or near water level management structures like culverts.

The sensors will provide ‘live’ data about water levels. Our engineers and technicians can then identify links between occurrences further up or down stream of the sensor and associated raised or lower water levels.

We’re currently developing an online information system that will eventually be accessible to the public (once we’ve built, tested, and fixed any glitches), so you can see what’s happening in your area.

If we’re installing a monitoring device near your property, you may receive a letter about it. These sensors are a vital part of Blue Heart’s efforts to reduce the impacts of flooding now and in the future, but they can only help if they are kept safe and working correctly. Tampering with or damaging this equipment could undermine our flood management efforts, so please take care of them!