Tracing the Bourne

We invite you to join a virtual tour tracing the route and history of the Bourne stream through Eastbourne Old Town. ‘Tour guide’, Jo Seaman introduces himself and the trail before talking about 7 locations in the tracks below. ‘Looking Back and Forward’ highlights the links between this narrative and the work of Blue Heart.

There are some bonus tracks at the bottom of the page, including two about the excavations undertaken as part of a project in early 2024 looking for evidence of the Bourne in the past.

Route of the Bourne stream and points of interest covered in the audio tracks
Screen shot from MyGoogleMaps:

Interesting diversions – bonus tracks

Motcombe Pond –
Pollution and local politics
Blue Heart · Pollution And Local Politics
Motcombe Garden – Megafauna
Blue Heart · Megafauna
Excavations in Manor Gardens
Blue Heart · Excavations at Manor Gardens, 2024
Excavations in St Mary’s Parsonage Garden
Blue Heart · Excavations at Parsonage Garden, 2024