Learning resources

Do you have SuDS and can’t quite remember how to look after them? Want to know more about our monitoring devices? Are you or your school are interested in learning more about water management and sustainability? Check out some of our resources here!

Blue Heart learning resources

Downpipe Activity Pack

Students work together as spotters, data collectors and navigators to map all the downpipes in their school.

Learners resource (pdf, 2.1MB)
Teachers resource (pdf, 949KB)

Trivia and fact sheets

Raindrop trivia (pdf, 3.6MB)
SuDS fact sheet (pdf, 8.8MB)

Planting and maintaining SuDS

Sample SuDS planting scheme, by Meristem Design (pdf, 3.1MB)
Planter maintenance guide, by Meristem Design (pdf, 647KB)

Other resources