Monitoring the impact of the SuDS

Photographs of three different types of monitor in different locations.

What gets monitored gets improved!

SuDS monitoring is an important step in making sure the devices we install at each school are preforming as expected and informing the installation team if any adjustments are needed. Monitoring data also helps us gain insights on what has worked well on this project, and if there are any areas that need improving for future installations.

‘On-site’ monitoring

The installation of a rain gauge and/or telemetry devices is done in one or more devices at each school to help monitor the success of the SuDS and how effectively it reduces flooding impacts at the school site.

The devices also provide data such as water levels coming in vs. out of the SuDS over time, and rainfall level data that staff can use to in future lesson plans, providing ongoing educational opportunities. 

Contributing to ‘the bigger picture’

The monitoring data collected at each school contributes to an overall picture of how water is moving and being managed in our local area. It help Blue Heart to achieve its goal of learning more about water in our local area in order to improve our flood response for the wider community, provide local and UK wide learnings to help build a resilient UK for the future.