Installation – fitting the SuDS at school

Behind the Scenes

While we await formal approval for installation, Blue Heart are working behind the scenes to find the best contractor for the installation job. As this project is a unique mix of drainage engineering mixed with school/student engagement we need to make sure we have the best team for the job! Once the team is secured the next step is working with the school to decide when the best timing for installation is – usually over a school holiday or break.

From idea to reality!

When students are on school break or working hard in lessons, our team of contractors come in to their community to install their unique SuDS designs.

Construction involves installation of SuDS devices such as planters, water butts, and rain gardens as well as installation of bespoke features designed by the students. These unique elements range from bug hotels to raincloud and rainbow skyscapes to waterfalls. The only limit is student’s imaginations!

Take a look at some of our recent installations – but keep an eye on this space as there is more work to come over the summer break!

Photos of water garden planters.

Once installed, we want to monitor the SuDS to see how well they’re working.