Engaging staff and students with SuDS

Close up of a drainpipe, supported by bamboo poles and set at an angle for water to flow along and into the bucket waiting at the end. Children in wellies stand on either side.

Deciding which schools to work with

Blue Heart has undertaken desktop modelling and analysis to understand the flood risks and surface water conditions for schools in the Eastbourne and Southern Wealden areas. From this, we have identified schools at high risk of flooding, or that meet the appropriate conditions for the SuDS programme (including enthusiasm!).

The next step is opening a conversation with shortlisted schools – introducing the idea of the project, meeting with staff (virtually, in person or via calls) and gaining permission to progress with the SuDS project over the following year.

Planning and delivering engagement activities at school

Once permission is received, Blue Heart works with the school to understand their educational/curriculum requirements and how our project can tie in with the student group/year group(s) selected to participate in the programme. Lesson plans are sent to school staff to review, and once they’re agreed, the Blue Heart team arrange to visit school to deliver engagement activities such as:

What’s the one thing these activities all have in common? The aim of being hands-on, learning, having fun and hopefully being inspired!

Blue Heart also works with staff and students to locate any flood/drainage areas of concern (such as finding photos of past flooding and exploring and mapping where the downpipes are located around the buildings). This information is used in the following design process.

Next is the Co-design stage.