Co-design – students create unique SuDS designs

Co-design in the classroom

Following the excitement of being outside learning, playing and being inquisitive, students return inside to apply what they have learnt in the water experiments. The aim is for students to design the best SuDS feature to address their school’s surface water or drainage issues, helping protect the school and surrounding community from flooding.

We think student’s designs are the perfect fit for their schools – who else would know best what is needed, and would be enjoyed by their fellow pupils?

Student design to technical drawing

After the in-school design session, the Blue Heart team takes away all the design drawings and organises them into key themes/ideas such as by kinds of decoration (rainbows, school logos, comic book characters etc) or device type (planters, water troughs, ponds etc).

Once categorised, the designs are passed on to drainage engineers to come up with technical SuDS drawings that incorporate these main themes, while ensuring that the SuDs still address the school’s specific drainage needs (such as installing larger devices at locations previously identified as prone to flooding/ponding).

Once a draft design is created, these are reviewed and passed on to school staff to comment on before the final design is created and approved.

Next comes the Installation stage