View of the River Cuckmere at sunset.

The Flow: rivers, water and wildness

Wednesday, 2 October, 6pm-7pm

Towner Eastbourne

Amy-Jane Beer shares some of the stories and themes explored in her book, The Flow, which won the 2023 Wainwright Prize for nature writing.

“The Flow is a book about water, and, like water, it meanders, cascades and percolates through many lives, landscapes and stories. From West Country torrents to Levels and Fens, rocky Welsh canyons, the salmon highways of Scotland and the chalk rivers of the Yorkshire Wolds, Amy-Jane follows springs, streams and rivers to explore tributary themes of wildness and wonder, loss and healing, mythology and history, cyclicity and transformation.”

Tickets £5.

Photograph of the speaker, Amy-Jane Beer.

Amy-Jane Beer

Amy-Jane Beer is a biologist, naturalist, campaigner and nature writer. She is a Country Diarist with The Guardian, and columnist for British Wildlife. She is part of the core team at Right to Roam, and a contributor to their new book, Wild Service: why nature needs you.