Branches of a tree with green leaves. Sunlight coming through the gaps

A Tree as Old as Eastbourne

Monday, 4 March, 10am - 4pm

Motcombe Gardens, Eastbourne

The oldest tree in Motcombe Gardens is a gnarled old beech tree that’s been standing here since 1850! This coincides with the development of Eastbourne town by the Earl of Burlington. The tree and the town have been growing together.

Over two days we’re exploring the history of Motcombe Gardens in relation to the growth of the tree and we’ll ‘cut’ a virtual slice through its trunk to explore the changing climate over time and consider how a tree records its history.

These activities are part of the Blue Heart Bourne River Project. Keep up to date with the latest project news on the Bourne River Project Blog.

Photo © Oast House Archive (cc-by-sa/2.0

Creative writing workshop for adults – FREE, book to reserve your place
10am – 12 noon

We’ll explore the changing town over the life of the tree, putting the beech tree at the centre of our Old Town experience. Come and be inspired by all things local history, natural history and archaeology.
This free workshop is limited to 12 places.

The archaeology of Motcombe Gardens – FREE, drop-in
10am – 4pm

Come and chat to one of the archaeologists who’s been excavating in Motcombe Gardens over the last decade. You’ll also be able to see inside the dovecote and chat about what was found there and what it was used for.

Creative writing workshop – FREE, drop-in
12 noon – 4pm

Taking inspiration from the archaeology and history of Motcombe Gardens and the Bourne Stream, and creating a wall of memories. Come and add your memories of Old Town, and your impression of its history, to the wall.