Four hands, overlaid to hold a paper raindrop.

Business Partnership Fund from Southern Water

Has your business got a great idea to save water but not the funds to make it happen?

Water is a precious resource. Every year the population of the South East grows, but the amount of water available stays the same. Due to hotter summers and less rainfall, increased pressure Is put on our water supplies. If we keep consuming at our current rate, in time, demand will outstrip supply – as there’s only so much we can take from our environment.

That’s just one reason why Southern Water are on the look out for new and innovative ideas to help reduce water use in businesses across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Sussex and Kent. Can you help save a little water and make a lot of difference?

If you have an idea for a project – whether it’s harvesting rain or shower water, fitting flow restrictors on taps, harnessing new technology to save water, or anything else you can think of – Southern Water want to hear from you!

Applications are now open until 31 December 2023!