Blue Heart Voices – audio themes

Understanding water

Historical records and archaeology show how water affected the way people lived in the past. New technology is providing information about the impact of water now. We’re bringing together numerous sources of information to predict what will happen in the future and plan how best to respond.

Community knowledge

We’ve met many people with valuable knowledge and experience that they’ve picked up through water-related leisure activities and interests. By sharing that information, they’re helping us to understand how water moves through the area and interacts with the environment.

Finding balance

Water is essential to humans and the planet, but our relationship is out of balance. What are the benefits and challenges of living with water? How can we reduce risks, be more sustainable, and still enjoy everything that water and nature have to offer?

Stream of sound

How does water make you feel? Listen to these soundscapes recorded in watery places.

Inspired by water

These sound pieces were created by artists inspired by the sound, sight, and stories of water.

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