Four community members sitting around a table, sharing the thought, 'What's next?'

Blue Heart Community Fund

Why do we have a Community Fund?

Some of the challenges of climate change and sustainability can only be addressed by international agreements, governments, and new technologies.

But there are positive things that we can all do, to make a difference – as individuals, households and communities.

Our Community Fund helps these important activities happen in Eastbourne and southern Wealden.

What do we fund?

We help local people try out new ideas or expand existing activities.

We’re interested in proposals that:

We’re also interested in supporting communities to become more resilient to flooding and other disasters by:

What you decide to do is based on your group’s interests and needs. It can be something tried-and-tested or something more experimental.

If you’re not sure whether your idea is eligible, let’s chat about it. If we can’t fund it, we may know someone else who could!

What we don’t fund

We don’t fund projects which are focused on the sea, coast or beaches. This is because Blue Heart is concentrating on inland sources of flooding; there is a separate project addressing coastal flooding – the Pevensey to Eastbourne Coastal Management Scheme.

We cannot fund individual households to make changes to their private property.

We cannot fund proposals which may have negative effects on the environment, flood risk, or community members.

Who can apply?

We accept applications from:

We accept applications from organisations who are not based in Eastbourne and south Wealden, but the activity and its impact must take place here. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible, please check the Blue Heart Project map.

How do we decide who to fund?

We’ll assess you application based on:

Because the funding pot is limited, we will try to award grants across the areas of interest, size and type of organisation, and location within the Blue Heart project area.

Grant details

Small Grants, up to £500

You might use this to:

Your grant is loaded on a prepaid debit card, so you don’t need a bank account for your project. If you prefer, we can order equipment and materials so there’s no need to handle the money.

You can apply at any time and get a decision within 6 weeks.

Large Grants, up to £5,000

This could be used to:

There is a limited number of large grants. To make the money go further, we may help you apply for other funding to reach the full amount.

You’ll need a bank account for your organisation.

The application period for 2024 has now closed for larger grants. The next opportunity to apply for up to £5,000 will be early 2025.

Apply to the Blue Heart Community Fund

Application is by a short form for both small and large grants.

Apply online


Download a Word application form

(to plan out your answers or to fill in and send to us in the post)

If you have any questions or would like help to fill in the form, please contact us.

Email: or call Eleanor: 07936 440 074

Who have we already funded?

Plastic-Free Eastbourne

A water refill station to add to their network, encouraging people to refill water bottles rather than buying single-use plastic ones.


A mobile engagement hub (a bespoke ‘watercycle’ trailer, pulled by an electric bike) for exploring water with different audiences in diverse locations.

A group of roughly 20 young people planting tree's in a muddy field at Ocklynge School.


Supporting biodiversity at Ocklynge School through planting trees and wildflowers.

Climate change information/crafts stall  where a girl in an orange T shirt is speaking to a family on the other side of the stall.

Eastbourne Food Partnership

‘Growing in a changing climate’ project, supporting growers to create edible ecosystems that better regulate water and temperature extremes.

Eastbourne Allotments
and Garden Society

Raised beds to support involvement by people with mobility issues including older growers.

Family (2 young boys, one woman and 2 men) are standing in a garden looking down as one of the men crouches showing them something.

Pevensey and Westham Forest Garden

Three family workshops exploring Ponds, Trees and Planting.

More information

For more information about previously awarded grants, please see: Blue Heart Community Fund Recipients

Please note: