Listen to the water

In 2022, Blue Heart invited local artists who work with sound to submit ideas for micro-commissions inspired by water. The commissioning process was managed and the artists supported by Stellaria Media. These are the final pieces created by five local artists who are exploring how water flows through the landscape and our lives; please listen, enjoy, and imagine.


Emergence by Richard Reinhardt is a soundscape representing the unpredictability and beauty of water. Local field recordings are mixed with ambient keys, distorted electronic elements, and a sentimental cello to create mesmerising, dream-like textures. The aim of the piece is to allow the listener to be immersed in the beautiful sound of water while alerting them to the sudden power that water can have. The long fade-out signifies how the water can now be under control, safely moving equally throughout Eastbourne and South Wealden.

Richard Reinhardt is a UK based composer with a focus on ambient, experimental and cinematic music. Ambient guitars are mixed with minimal synths, electronic elements, meditative textures and field recordings to create experimental soundscapes. “Atmosphere is important to me. I prefer to write when it’s dark or raining outside”.

Reading Water’ is a collection of audio tracks composed by Mary Hooper for Blue Heart from recorded conversations and field recordings made in and around Westham Pond, Shinewater Lakes and Motcombe Pond.

Mary Hooper is an artist working in the public realm, who uses sound as a primary medium to create works to evoke a ‘spirit of place’ by layering
together her recordings into a complex composition of field recordings, oral history, and documentary.

DROP! began as an investigation of water in all its myriad forms that we had hoped to spin out according to our own narrative. But in the end water found its own level and it was all we could do to stay afloat while it ran its course.

PORT&STARBOARD are a St Leonards based electronic improv duo, weaving immersive soundscapes through twisted field recordings and library music into digital analogue turntable slush-puppies.

Two compositions by Rosanna Lowe.

Liminal Loveliness – West Langney Lake was recorded on site and mixes a poetic response to a surprising wild place with a chance encounter with Alex Richards, who manages the marsh – in loving memory of Sharon Richards.

The Holy Well, Eastbourne, mixes a musical response to the seafront spring with a well-side interview with Levi Gardner, who was called by the water to guardian the well.

I am a writer and storyteller, particularly interested in the stories of people and place, and currently focused on our relationship with water, particularly water and wellbeing, following a commission to write about the rivers of the South Downs. This is my first exciting experience of creating an audio piece solo.

Melt by Jason Williams focuses on hard cold water, including tape recordings from inside freezers, multi-tracked cracking icebergs and synthetic polar wind storms.

Jason Williams hates writing about himself and his work.