Audio Producer: Call Out

Deadline extended to January 8th


Blue Heart is investigating how rain, river and waste water move through Eastbourne and south Wealden in order to help predict and reduce the impact of flooding.

We are funded by DEFRA’s Flood & Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme which champions innovative approaches to flood resilience and climate adaptation. Our funding runs until spring 2027.

A key element of the project is engaging residents, businesses and communities with their local environment, the impacts of climate change, their risk of flooding and what they can do as individuals, organisations and communities to be better prepared, connected and resilient.

This requires the Blue Heart team to be present in places where those individuals and communities already spend time and feel comfortable. It challenges us to find ways to approach and contextualise these issues which involve people in conversation and exploration, tapping into existing interests such as local history, ecology, memory and stories.

Since its inception, audio production has been a key element of this work, capturing the stories and experiences of local people, building relationships and sharing knowledge, which can be heard at
We are now looking for an audio maker who lives in the Eastbourne area to take this work forward.

Role description

This is a freelance position, with the requirement to produce 20 original Blue Heart audio features, between January and June 2024. You will be responsible for researching, recording and editing each feature, expected to be between 5 and 15 minutes in length, with an environment or flooding
theme. We are interested in a wide range of formats, such as conversations, interviews, reports, soundscapes, storytelling etc.

We welcome applications from individuals, pairs, or groups for this role.


● Research environmental issues that relate to flooding and affect the local area
● Attend Blue Heart activities and other community events to facilitate sound recording
● Respond to local events, needs and interests
● Connect with schools and local organisations to gather stories, sounds, and creative audio
● Edit and produce short features for the Blue Heart website, radio stream, and community broadcasters
● Work closely with the Blue Heart team to identify themes, contacts and opportunities
● Help Blue Heart to build strong links with community media in the area, for example visits to studios, being a guest on a live show.

Skills and qualities

Essential Preferable
Experience in making good quality sound recordingsRelevant qualification or training
Confidence in audio editing and completing
work for deadlines
Connection to community media
Have own recording equipment Collaborative and cooperative
working style
Based in or near Eastbourne, with own transportExperience of working on
self-directed projects
Consent to DBS check and follow policiesComfortable working with people of
all ages and backgrounds
Knowledge and interest in
environmental issues


This is a freelance position running for 6 months, between January and June 2024. On average this will be two days a week, giving a total of 40 days delivery time. You will organise your own time and availability, and divide this between research, recording, and production time.


The day rate is £150 a day, and the total fee is £6000.

How to apply

Please complete this short online form by January 8th.

We will respond to all applicants.