Working with Blue Heart – co-producer payments

Blue Heart recognises the knowledge and expertise that members of the community can bring to the project. This is given in your own time, benefits the project and supports the project team. We refer to this as co-production, and individuals as co-producers.

This document sets out our policy for payments to individuals who decide to work with us and share their knowledge. We know it isn’t perfect, but hope that you will find this approach more equitable and respectful of your time and contribution. 

We want to: 

We are very open to feedback on this document and approach and will review it regularly (at least once a year). Please share your thoughts and feedback to help inform future iterations.

General expenses 

Co-producer payments are separate from general expenses.

Participants in any project activity are entitled to claim for expenses incurred to enable them to join in (such as travel costs). We may also be able to help with any additional support you may need, such as BSL interpretation or someone to accompany you.

We know everyone’s needs and situations are different. Please ask if you are unsure what you can claim for, and we’ll try to be flexible around the support we can offer.

What activities are eligible for co-producer payments?

We offer co-producer payments for activities which: 

We’ll tell you in advance if an activity is eligible for co-producer payments.

We don’t offer payments for activities which are more social and informal, or involve the Blue Heart team giving information rather than everyone collaborating.

What is the co-producer payment rate?

For activities eligible for payments, we offer a rate of £25 per hour.

We’ll cover your time for any pre-session reading or feedback at the end too.

Am I eligible for co-producer payments?

If you are working with us as part of your job (so you’re already being paid) then you are not eligible for payment.

If you are working with us in your own time, and sharing your personal experience and expertise, you are eligible for payment.

You are under no obligation to accept payment if it’s not right for you. We can look at alternatives which might avoid any difficulties with benefit payments etc; 

How do I apply?

We will provide you with a claim form [insert link] for expenses and co-producer payments which you fill in and submit.

For expenses, please keep receipts.
For co-producer payments, you can just record the number of hours/days you worked with us.

How will I get the money?

The money will be paid directly into your bank account. There is likely to be a delay of ??? between you submitting the form and receiving your payment.

If there are any issues with getting payments transferred to your bank account, or you need support up-front in order to make your involvement possible, please talk to us.